Images, etc, used in ‘Archive’ series on Compo

These pages show a selection of the images which have appeared in the Compo Clues series in ‘Archive’ magazine. I have also included zips of some of the examples of composcripts.

Since ‘Archive’ is printed in greyscale, readers can't see the details of colour images. These pages are therefore intended to give readers a chance to see examples of the full colour images for themselves. The selected images are presented in two formats — GIFs and PNGs.

Wherever possible I have provided the images in GIF format as this is easier to view when browsing in less than millions of colours.

The PNGs are in 16 million colours, so will give the best results if your browser and machine can make full use of them. Using at least 32k colours is strongly recommended if you want to see the images without noticable degredation. In some cases the images shown here have been scaled down to avoid them become too large for convenience when viewed with a browser.

The contents of the zip from article 4 shows how Compo can be used to make full screen interactive presentations.

The contents of the zip from article 5 are both a script and a scriptlet. These provide a simple way to stitich together multiple images to make a panorama or composite. This zip also includes a version of !CompoBits which the scriptlet requires. If you already have !CompoBits just merge this with your existing copy.

Full detailed instructions on how to use the examples scripts are in 'Archive'.

If you want to know more about Compo click here.

Jim Lesurf