!DrawGen is designed to provide a relatively simple way to create DrawFiles from your favourite programming language. To download the !DrawGen package and some example programs in various languages, click on the links in the list below.

32 bit version

The above version of !DrawGen is for 26bit RO machines only. For 32bit machines such as Iyonix, use the newer version provided here. Click on the link for the new version of !DrawGen if you want an entirely new version, or choose the upgrade link if you just want the new modules and information on how to install them. Once installed on a modern RO machine, these version should work precisely like the older versions. Hence the information provided on this website should apply to the new version just as to the old. Note that this 32bit version has no functional changes from the 26bit version. Hence although it will work on a 26bit RiscPC, it won't provide any advantages over the 26bit version.

Note that the 'C' sparkive is larger than the Basic/FORTRAN ones for two reasons: it contains more examples, and it also includes the compiled absolute code results and the 'h' file library required.

In 1999, R. Brynmor Owen wrote a BASIC Library system to make using DrawGen easier for BASIC programmers. The zip file linked above contains his BASIC Library, example programs, documents, and some explanations how to get it working. It is quite a neat system for making it much easier to create DrawFiles from BASIC. An article on DrawGen BASIC appeared in the July 1999 issue of Archive magazine, and is well worth reading. However, if you have any problems you should ask Brynmor, not me, as I haven't used BASIC for ages. :-)

I wrote three short articles for Archive magazine to explain how you can use !DrawGen. If you missed them, here is an html version.

If you want to know more, please ask. Note though, that !DrawGen is a freeware product and I can't take responsibility for any problems it gives you! I have tried it on many different types of RiscOS machines and a number of people have been using it for some years. It seems fairly bug-free, but I can't give any guarantee!

If you haven't seen Archive, I strongly recommend that you try it! To find out more, visit the Archive website.


!StarCatMapper (98k zip) is an application which can be used to generate a 'star map' of the entire sky. It used DrawGen to create a DrawFile that displays the stars. This is based on a Yale catalogue of star data which is included. Note that you MUST have the ABCLib and DrawGen modules loaded for !StarCatMapper to work, and that you need to have a ramdisc because that is where the application will put the resulting DrawFile. The application contains a !Help file with more info.

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