WimpBasic 2

WimpBasic2 is a programming language written by Höskuldur Hermannsson and distributed by Clares Micro Supplies. It is possible to use DrawGen with WmipBasic to make desktop applications that can easily create DrawFiles, and save them, display them, etc. The following link is to zipfile of a demo program written by Dave Jackson of Clares that shows how this can be done.

Note that the above creates the DrawFiles using DrawGen, loads them into a window for display and then deletes the files. For a practical application you would probably provide a way to save or keep the drawfile, but here the file is removed for the sake of tidiness. The purpose of the demo is simply to show that you can easily use DrawGen from WimpBasic2. If you wish to know more about WimpBasic, follow the link to the Clares website.