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The details given on this page control the import and export of various filetypes. The other main options are on the previous page.

Export options

Export options
Option Meaning
JPEG export options
<quality>,<interlaced if ‘TRUE’>,[reserved]
The quality setting here control the JPEG output quality for Compo versions above 1.10. In earlier versions the JPEG quality line near the top of the preferences file sets the default quality level.
PNG export options
<interlaced if ‘TRUE>, <masked if ‘TRUE’>, <shadowed if ‘1’>
More PNG Export options
<reduce to 8-bit if ‘TRUE’>, <gamma value>, [reserved]
A number of lines control the export of sprites via !ChangeFSI
Sprite Export options
<export mask type>, <If ‘TRUE’, dither mask when exported>, [reserved]
More Sprite Export options
Blend canvas into sprite
Sprite CFSI conversion options
<If ‘TRUE’ process with ChangeFSI>, <output depth>, <aspect lock>
More Sprite FSI conversion options
<xscale>, <yscale>, [null]
Sharpen sprite?
If ‘TRUE’ then choose the ChangeFSI option to sharpen the sprite
More Sprite FSI conversion options
<sharpen value>, <If ‘TRUE’ choose the ChangeFSI ‘smooth’ option>, <smooth value>
More Sprite FSI conversion options
<If ‘TRUE’ use ChangeFSI gamma change>, <gamma value>, <If ‘TRUE’ dither output>
Expand range?
If ‘TRUE’ then select ChangeFSI option to expand the dynamic range of the output.
A number of lines control the GIF export options
GIF Export options
<If ‘TRUE’ interlace GIF>, <mask GIF colour>, <mask type>
Values for mask type: 0 = none, 1 = value given by second item, 2 = use composite of the objects belnd mask.
GIF Export options
<If ‘TRUE’ create a shadow of the GIF>, <If ‘TRUE’ trim the GIF to the mask>, <palette type>
Palette type value; 0 = ‘best’, 1 = ‘RISC OS’, 2 = ‘Netscape’.
GIF Export options
<If ‘TRUE’ dither the mask>, <If ‘TRUE’ blend in canvas>, <threshold for blend mask>
General export options
Vantage format alpha channel
If ‘TRUE’ invert the alpha channel on export (Vantage format)
Export file format
<default export file format> Decimal version of the filetype number (1685 = &695 for a GIF)
Export area of canvas
If ‘TRUE’ then export area of canvas by default
Palette This may be followed by the default palette data. The current palette will be saved when you choose to save the default settings via the icon bar setup.

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