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The table on this page lists the main options controlled by the preferences file. The settings controlling file import and export are listed on another page.

General Options
Option Meaning
JPEG Quality
JPEG Quality value (as used by !ChangeFSI) This value is only used in versions up to 1.10 . Later versions use the value set by the ‘JPEG export options’ line (see the second page on preferences relating to file export/import).
Tile size
Size (pixels) that any sprite is scaled to when loaded for use as a tile
Update from masks on the fly
When ‘TRUE’ masks are redrawn as you paint
When ‘FALSE’ they are redrawn at the end of
each painting ‘stroke’.
Export options
<Write alpha channel through to canvas>, <append ‘/dos’ type extensions to exported files>, [reserved]
Multi-task redraw
If ‘TRUE’, slows down redraw at but allows other apps to proceed whilst drawing
Alternate redraw style
If ‘TRUE’ works on object then updates canvas. May be best when working on *large* canvases.
Interactive move
If ‘TRUE’, redraws object whilst it is being dragged around the canvas. Slows things down but gives more feedback on the appearance.
OLE Masks
Default application for editing masks.
<name>, <directory>, <pathname>
OLE Sprites
Default application for editing sprites.
<name>, <directory>, <pathname>
OLE exports mask with sprite
If ‘TRUE’, exports alpha channel mask with sprite
Display values
Sets how values are displayed
Choose: 0 = values, 1 = percentages, or 2 = both
Vector load display box
Controls vector import display.
<display/don’t display dialogue>, <with/without borders>, <scale factor (percentage)>
More vector stuff
x-border (pixels), y-border (pixels),
Choose: -1 = don’t antialias, or 0 = antialias
Vector automask
If ‘TRUE’, causes automatic creation of a mask when vector object is imported.
Canvas bytes per pixel
2 = 32k colour canvas (saves memory)
4 = 16M colour canvas (full colour depth).
Canvas details
This sets the default canvas.
The colour value is the decimal value of the BBGGRR00 hex colour word, so -256 is equivalent to &FFFFFF00 – i.e. white.
Virtual memory
If first item is ‘TRUE’ this enables the use of virtual memory (if available). The second value is the initial amount of bytes to use. The third value is the minimum amount of free space to leave free.
VM options
First value is the maximum amount of memory to use. If ‘TRUE’ the second locks the canvas into the RAM. Third item currently reserved.
PCA options
First item is the popup type (now obsolete). If ‘TRUE’ the second item, when also ‘TRUE’, makes the most recently selected PCA tool follow the currently selected object. The third setting allows compo to appear in menu as a PCA tool if more than one copy of Compo is running.
Infobar options
[reserved],<show horizontal mask bar>,<show palette>

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